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Scout Youth Training

  • Early Rank Requirements Videos 
    Video review of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class Ranks.

  • Den Chief Training - Normally conducted during the months of April and December.
    A Den Chief is a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing Scout assisting a Cub Scout or Webelos Scout den. He assists the den leader with planning and conducting den meetings, is familiar with resources for age-appropriate activities for Cub Scouts and has a repertoire of activities that Cub Scouts enjoy.
    (Classes are normally scheduled for in December - Check the NEIC Training calendar for the next date. 
    Note: Please bring your Den Chief Handbook - A few may be available for purchase during the session.)
    Now available from the BSA Online Learning Center year-round, 24-7.
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) - (Scheduled by the SPL/Scoutmaster shortly after Troop Elections)
    Replaces the Troop-level Junior Leader Training (JLT) and Troop Leadership Training (TLT). It is organized into three one-hour modules, which can be taught individually or all in one session. The content of the first session focuses on what a new leader must know; the second session on what a leader must be, and the third session on what a leader must do. Completing all three modules qualifies the Scout to wear the "Trained" patch under his badge of office.
    Supplemental Helps

  • Brownsea - National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) - Normally conducted in June
    Revises the Council-sponsored Brownsea Youth Leadership Training curriculum. The week-long course models a month in the life of a troop. The course uses the patrol method and presents model Patrol Leader Council meetings. Throughout the course, the staff will be modeling the concepts and skills that are the core content of the course. The focus of each session is not only knowledge but giving the youth a “Toolbox of Skills" that equips them with the “how.” 
  • First Class to Eagle Training for Scouts Normally conducted in February.
    An informational class for current First Class Scouts that are seriously working towards their Eagle Rank. Briefs the scout and Scoutmasters on what they need to be doing now to prepare for making the top rank in Scouting. (Classes are normally scheduled for in February - Check the NEIC Training calendar for the next date.)

Adult Leader Training

  • BSA Online Learning Center - E-Learning Course Management System
    Website requires a secure login and includes certified online training in three categories: 
       Orientation: Fast Start-Cub Scouting, Fast Start-Boy Scouting, Fast Start-Venturing
       Basic Training: (Only the Troop Committee Challenge is available now, hopefully it includes
       New Leader Essentials and leader-specific training in the future.
       Safety Training: Youth Protection Training, Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. 
  • Boy Scout Advancement
    A video overview of the Boy Scout early ranks advancement program.
  • Supplemental Training Modules
    Supplemental training modules are designed to provide leaders in Boy Scouting with orientation beyond the basic training offered in New Leader Essentials and leader-specific training.

Additional Training Opportunities

  • Council Training Day - Normally conducted in early November
    Annual Training Day sponsored by the Council normally held the second Saturday of November. A day packed with Training for Adult Leaders. Many hands-on workshops and required training courses are offered.  All three programs of the Boy Scouts of America: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing are represented.
  • Commissioner Basic Training
    The course covers unit service for all Scouting programs (Cub Scout, Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venturing) and involves actual visits to Scouting units as part of the learning experience.
  • OKPIK- Cold Weather Outdoor Training - Classes normally start in November
    OKPIK (ook’pick)  provides state-of the-art outdoor winter training for Troop and Crews.  This training  instills leader confidence (both older youth and adult) when taking groups into a cold weather environment and support a year-around camping program. 
  • Wood Badge Training - Normally conducted in September
    Wood Badge is the advanced leadership-training course of the Boy Scouts of America. This course is designed for any leader (Cub Scout, Boy Scout or Venture Scout) who has completed their respective basic training course and wants to further advance their leadership skills. Wood Badge is a two-weekend course of practical instruction and is completed when the participant finishes a “ticket” (A plan to put your training into action.) 

Scouting Games

  • Kübb (If you have meet us on a campout, we've invited you to play. Here's how to make your own set and start playing!)

  • D.E.L.T.A. Handbook (This has been around since 1988 and still has a lot of use and ideas.)

  • Confidence and Team Building Games (Quick and easy team building games for TLT.)

Scouter's Guides

  • Scouters Guide to Severe Weather and Other Hazards
    Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

    As a Scout Leader, camping and outdoor activities are what we do. But what happens when severe weather decides to join your campout or outdoor event. Being caught outside by yourself is one thing, being caught outside with a bunch of young scouts is a completely different subject.

  • Scouters Guide to Troop Quartermaster and Equipment Chair
    Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

    This guide started as a handout for the local Boy Scout Roundtable meeting. As we started researching and putting it together, we quickly realized that it might fill a greater void in information that had not been collected before into one publication. We’ve never found an official BSA guide on the subject, though all units have equipment. We believe this guide should be useful to a lot of different units, both small and large. It is a collection of many different web articles, manufacturer’s owner manuals, user guides, and experiences of long-time scoutmasters and leaders hard earned common sense. Some of the information was learned simply by walking around while at different camporees and scouting events, talking with and looking at other troop’s trailer and of course, from roundtable meeting discussions. This Scouter’s Guide is by no means an exhaustive study, but it should be a great starting point and reference for a newly elected Quartermaster and Troop Equipment Chair (or Scoutmaster!)

  • Scouters Guide to Campfires and Camp Stoves
    Camping and other Outdoor Activities

    This guide is a collection of training and helps for the proper use and building campfires and the use many uses and types of camp stoves. Unless a leaders grew up in the woods, we all need a little help to guide our charges in this essential skill.

  • Scouter’s Guide for the U.S. Flag and Related Ceremonies
    The flag of the United States inspires many reactions around the world. To our friends, it represents a loyal, respectable, honorable ally. To those that would cause us harm, it represents a tenacious and dedicated foe that would rather restore peaceful coexistence. There is nothing like seeing our American flag, come to life with the lightest breeze, sustain through the strongest gale, weather the storm, rise again to survive the blast of our enemies attack and comfort the families of the fallen and the survivors. It has inspired numerous citizens to do things in their lives they never thought possible; to take a stand to right a wrong, to shield the innocent, to take up arms to protect her and preserve the right of our fellow citizens to agree and disagree with our government and elected leadership.

 Roundtable Handouts

2017-2018 North Star District Boy Scout Breakout Calendar-Planner

August 2017

Webelos-to-Scout Transition
- Troop Role in Webelos Scouts Retention

Recruiting and Retention
- Boy Scout Troop Recruitment & Retention
- Boy Scout Recruiting Resources
- Retention Secrets

Scouting Heritage
- How to bring Scouting Heritage MB to life
- The Boy Scouts of America and Tapioca

- Brownsea Island Weekend Games & Activities


September 2017

Advancement—Why We Do It
- Guidelines for Advancement and Recognition Committees
- Significant Changes to the GUIDE TO ADVANCEMENT

High Adventure – What and Where
- High Adventure Planning
- Boy Scout High Adventure Bases and Treks
- Philmont Scout Ranch-How Light Can You Go

Time Management and Scouting
- Teaching scouts how to make better use of time
- How Different Cultures Understand Time

- The way Scouts earn Eagle Palms has changed in a big way

October 2017

Community Service—Why We Give Back
- 365 Community Service Ideas
- Community Service_Why We Give Back
- BSA-Service_Project_JTE_Report_Form-fillible

Social Media and Scouting
- Social_Media_Playbook-Lite_050815

Measurement Estimation
- Measurement Estimation

November 2017

Charter Turn-In

Program Resource Fair

Dutch Oven Skills and Meal
- Dutch Oven Skills and Tips
- A Dutch-oven cooking primer
- Everything You Need to Know About Charcoal
- 18 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Cast Iron
- November Roundtable “Cast Iron Chef” Contest
- Participant Card
- Cast Iron Chef Contest Score sheet
- North Star District Cast Iron Chef Contest-Sign-Up Sheet

December 2017

Trained Leaders—Why and How
-Trained Leaders—Why and How
-Boy Scout leaders can now get trained anywhere at any time
-Boy Scout-Position Trained Requirements
-Troop Committee Chair and Committee Member-New Online Training
-Training for Adults

Cold Weather Events and Camping
-Beginning Cold Weather Camping
-Winter Camping and Backpacking Tips-REI

First Aid training they’ll remember
-Fundamental First Aid
-Realistic First Aid wounds
-Tips for making First Aid merit badge lessons last

January 2018

21 Questions-What Is A Commissioner?
-21 Questions-What Is A Commissioner?

Order of the Arrow Elections: Just the Facts
-OA Elections: Just the Facts
-Troop OA Representative Revisited

Salesmanship for fundraising Success
-Fundraiser Sales Tips
-How to accept credit cards for Fundraisers/Troop Events


February 2018

Guide to Safe Scouting
-Guide to Safe Scouting
-Safety Statement from the top

-Incident Information Reporting-Descriptions & Instructions

Boy Scout Service Projects - All levels
-101 great Scout service project ideas

Animals you may be camping with
-Escape From Unfriendly Natives
-Wildlife Observation


March 2018

Tips for Troop Meetings
-Tips for encouraging a large troop to be boy-led
-How to run a good Troop Meeting
-Online Troop Leader Resources

Leadership within the Community
-BSA Leadership within the Community
-Learning How to Be a Community Leader

Navigation Skills-Finding the way
-Navigation By Compass
-Land Navigation Without a Compass or GPS
-Map Reading
-Maps: UTM Grids
-53 Bushwhacking Tips for Off Trail Navigation

April 2018

Exploring Explosion
-Exploring - Business Leaders
-Exploring - Scout Leaders, Parents and Youth

BSA Program Awards - Scouts Can Earn
-BSA Awards Central
-Awards Boy Scouts Can Earn
-National Honor Patrol
-National Outdoor Awards

Field Games for Scouts
-Troop Games-Small Spaces and Large Areas

May 2018

-SUAC Scoutbook FAQ and Resources Table of Contents

Visiting National Parks/Historic Places
-Partnership Between the National Park Service and Boy Scouts of America Merits Attention
-Backpacking on the Ice Age Trail
-Passport Cancellations Stamps Program

Telling the Scout story to the public
-Get Publicity
-Telling Scouting's Positive Story

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