Welcome to Our New Scouts and their Family

This is the beginning of some of your 
favorite life long memories

            The committee and leaders of Troop 66 are happy that you and your son chose to become members of Troop 66.  Membership makes you, your son, and your family a part of the Troop.  Scouting is a family oriented program.  We hope to provide your son, with your help, some of his most memorable experiences of his life.

Troop 66, Who are we?
            Troop 66 has been sponsored by Our Lady of Humility Church since 1987, serving the youth of the Zion, Beach Park, Winthrop Harbor and Waukegan area.  Our goal is to help boys grow and become confident, well rounded young men.

Currently Troop 66 has 10 active Scouts, ranging in age from 11 to their 18th birthday. New scouts are grouped with other Scouts of their age and skill level to form a "Patrol".  Each "Patrol" annually elects a "Patrol Leader", who in turn appoints his assistant.  The patrol chooses a name and creates their patrol yell.  Older Scouts and Troop Leaders work with the boys to help them advance.  How fast a boy advances in rank is up to him, advancement in Boy Scouts is self-paced, requiring a desire and self-motivation.

            Troop meetings are held weekly year-round, on Thursday evenings from 7 PM to 8:30 PM in the Church Hall (down the stairs in the church basement).  There are no troop meetings on holidays (Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving weeks) and during Holy Week (the week before Easter); otherwise, the Troop meets all year round.  Please check the Events Calendar on the troop web site (www.bsatroop66.org) for a current schedule.

Scouts should plan on arriving at about 6:45 PM so that the meeting can get started promptly at 7 PM.  The meeting is scheduled to be over at 8:30 PM. Occasionally, it may run over but rides should plan to be there at 8:30 PM.  Once the meeting is over the building is locked. Scouts are not to loiter on church grounds.

We understand that things may come up and that a Scout may not be able to attend all of the meeting.  Please call your Patrol Leader to let him know if you are not coming for some reason.

Scouts are expended to attend meetings in uniform unless notified otherwise.  A well-prepared scout should also have his Scout Handbook, paper and a pen.

Dues & Fees

Dues are $25.00 per year. They are to be turned in the first meeting in January.  Dues cover the cost of re-registration and help to cover the costs of awards and other operating expenses.

Annual Dues do not cover the annual cost of subscribing to the Boys Life Magazine.

REGISTRATION FEE: Upon joining the Troop and completing the application, there is a $24.00 registration fee taken from the Annual Dues.
BOY'S LIFE MAGAZINE: If a Scout wishes he may subscribe to Boys Life Magazine. This magazine comes in the mail monthly. The cost is $12.00 per year and should be submitted with the Annual Dues. ($37.00 with dues and magazine)
REGULAR CAMPING FEE: There is a minimum camping fee of $5.00 per boy each time the Troop goes camping. The fee covers the restocking of the general camping supplies and to cover normal wear and tear. This fee is due no later than the meeting before the campout.
CAMPOUT FOOD COSTS: The cost for the food is shared by all that attend the campout.  This money is to be paid to the person who buys the food.  It is due at the campout or shortly thereafter.  If Patrol cooking is done it is due to the boy/family that purchases the food for the Patrol.
MISCELLANEOUS FEES: Throughout the year, there will be various fees to participate in Council sponsored events.  Such as Summer Camp, Merit Badge Skill Day, Skiing, larger Campouts (Devils Lake, Galena or Springfield), etc. A due date will be set before the event and the money must be turned in at that time.
Troop 66 is a full Class A uniform Troop.

The Full Class "A" uniform includes: 
(Normally required for Troop Courts of Honor, Special Ceremonies and as requested by the Scoutmaster.) 

  • Scout Shirt (long or short sleeve your choice)
  • Scout Pants (long or shorts your choice, if Scout shorts are worn, short sleeve scout shirt and scout socks are required)
  • Neckerchief & Slide (Red silk w/gold embroidered scout emblem and boarder) (First one is provided by the troop after advancing to the rank of Scout).
  • Scout Belt and Buckle
  • Scout Hat (Optional)
  • Patches: US flag comes with shirt, Northeast Illinois Council Shoulder Strip, Troop 66 Numerals, Arrow of Light award (if earned as Cub Scout)
  • World Scouting Emblem
  • Religious Award Knot (if earned as Cub or Boy Scout)
  • Merit Badge Sash (not needed until third Merit Badges is earned)

The Class "A" Relaxed uniform includes:
       (Normally worn for regular weekly meetings, service projects and as requested by the Scoutmaster.) 

  • Scout Shirt (long or short sleeve of your choice) or Red Scout Polo Shirt
  • Pants (long or shorts your choice, if Scout shorts are worn, short sleeve scout shirt and socks are required)
  • Neckerchief & Slide (Optional)
  • Belt of some sort (scout, leather, etc.)
  • Hat (Optional)
  • Patches: US flag comes with shirt, Northeast Illinois Council Shoulder Strip, Troop 66 Numerals, Arrow of Light award (if earned as Cub Scout)
  • World Scouting Emblem
  • Religious Award Knot (if earned as Cub or Boy Scout)

The Class "B" uniform includes:
     (Normally worn for campouts, dirty service projects and as requested by the Scoutmaster.) 

  • The appropriately colored Troop Shirt or Troop (Hoody) Sweatshirt
  • Shorts or long pants.
    (The Troop has purchased multiple colors of Troop shirts (red w/yellow lettering, gray w/black lettering, dark green w/yellow lettering) - Please try to wear the color announced at the meeting prior to the upcoming event.)

          Advancement in rank starting at: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle, should be the goal of each scout.  As leaders, we are committed to see each boy advance.  However, the boys must meet the requirements set forth in the Boy Scout Handbook and in the various Merit Badge books.  Scouts advance by learning a skill/ requirement and being able to repeat that skill at a later time.  Once a requirement is met it will be initialed and dated by one of the Troop Leaders.  The boy's Handbooks need to periodically be given to the Troop Advancement Chairperson so that the individual scout record and database can be updated.

Scouts must be motivated to advance.  Scouts need their handbook and should choose a requirement to meet, read and practice the information in the handbook, then seek a sign off (by asking one of the leaders) when they feel comfortable that they have mastered the requirement.  Opportunities to learn a skill or complete requirements are built into each troop activity and meeting.

Merit Badges can be done individually, in small groups, or on the Troop/Council level. The Scout, when ready should choose what Merit Badge interests them.  Then talk with the Scoutmaster to be referred to a Merit Badge Counselor and obtain a "Blue Card".  The Scout needs to purchase or borrow the needed Merit Badge Booklet, review it and then contact the Counselor.  It is the Scouts responsibility to contact the Counselor in order to work on the requirements.  Generally, the Counselor will not contact the Scout to see how he is progressing.

Boards of Review
    Advancement Boards of Review will be conducted after a Scout completes the requirements for a rank.  When the Scout is ready, he needs to request a Board of Review from the Scoutmaster or the Troop Advancement Chairperson.  Scouts need to understand that it may take a week or so to set up the Board.

    The Scout MUST appear before the Board in full Class "A" Uniform with his Scout Handbook.

    The Board is comprised of at least three members of the Troop Committee.

    The purpose of the Board is to interview the Scout to determine attitude and application of Scout Ideals and to make sure that the standards have been met.  Board members do not retest the Scout on requirements, but do try to ensure that he knows the value of doing his best and not just getting by.

The Troop holds several fundraising events throughout the year.  Most are for the Scouts to earn money for their troop accounts (popcorn, wreaths, candy, etc.).  Others are to help fund the Troop (Annual Spaghetti Dinner and table setup for church functions).  The money in the individual's troop accounts can be used for camp fees; both short and long term camping, uniforms, camping equipment, etc.  We try to keep fundraising to a minimum so that it does not seem as if we are always trying to sell something.

Community Service
Part of Scouting is providing community service. Troop 66 helps our Chartered Organization at various activities. Also the Troop has adopted a section of road (33rd Street between Green Bay and Lewis) from the Lake County Highway Department and is responsible to pick up the trash along the roadside twice a year.  Members of the Troop are expected to help provide service to the community at these various projects.  If you have ideas for other community service projects or special events, please present them to the Scoutmaster and/or Troop Committee.

Summer Camp
      Every year the Troop attends a week long summer camp experience normally at Camp MaKaJaWan located near Pierson, Wisconsin. The summer camp experience helps to teach the Scout skills necessary to advance and/or the completion of a Merit Badge while having fun and learning teamwork.

Scouts sleep on cots in tents on a platform; meals are served in the dining hall.

Camp costs for this year are about $265.00 for the week. A $50.00 reservation fee is due in early March with the remainder due in May. Campership forms are available for those who may need some or full financial assistance to attend.

In 2014, the Troop also plans to go on week long canoe trip to the Turtle-Flambeau Canoe Area. Parents are always welcome to come camping (No previous camping experience necessary). Contact the Scoutmaster, so we can add you to the list.

           In addition, transportation assistance is always needed in getting the boys to and from events.  If you can drive, please contact the Scoutmaster.

Ways You As Parents Can Help The Troop

  • Encourage your Scout to attend all Troop Meetings, Activities and Outings. 

  • Be interested and encourage advancement. Remember that it is his learning experience and he must do the work. 

  • Attend all Courts of Honor with your family. Show interest in your son's advancement in front of his peers. 

  • Support Troop activities and fundraisers. Volunteers are always appreciated! 

  • Volunteer to drive to and/or from a troop activity and/or camping event with the troop.

Note: We are required (for Youth Protection and Insurance) to maintain two-deep adult leadership to conduct any troop function. Failure to maintain this requirement results in canceling the event. 

  • Sign up as a Merit Badge Counselor. If you have a working knowledge or special skill in any of the merit badge subjects your assistance is priceless. Contact the Scoutmaster for more information. 

  • Become an Adult Leader or a member of the Troop Committee. 

  • Some companies/service organizations make donations or grants available to non-profit organizations to assist in financing their activities or to purchase equipment. If your company or service organization offers this benefit, please let the Troop Committee know. 

Parent Information Sheet
      Attached is a Parent Information Sheet. The information provided will be maintained by the Scoutmaster to facilitate the filing of Travel Requests to Council, Emergency Contacts, help in identifying any special skills or talents you may have, and to update the Troop Phone Tree.  Please complete a copy and bring it to the next troop meeting. 

            For the parents of our older scouts, use this form to update any changes to your information since joining us. 

Welcome and Thank you for joining Troop 66!

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